East Coast Trip – Overview

Breathtaking ocean views, rugged coast lines, great food, abundance of wild life, and icebergs floating by… who wouldn’t want to go the the East Coast of Canada?

Bottle Cove, Newfoundland

It was certainly on our list of must do’s for this year off.  We had planned to go in June or July.

However, when the US land border did not open up in October 2020, we shifted plans – quickly.

Our purpose for heading east was two fold:

  1. Go back to Cape Breton, where we have been before and loved, to golf Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links Golf Course.
  2. See Newfoundland 

Both of these goals could be met in October so we started planning.

October is NOT a tourist month in Cape Breton or Newfoundland. Many tourist destinations are closed.  Most RV parks are closed.  Local restaurants start closing down.  Even the whales and puffins and icebergs are gone.

On the up side – there aren’t many other tourists.  And the spectacular coastal views, breathtaking hikes, and friendly locals are there year round.

As I phoned around to find RV parks to stay at, I heard a similar message.  “October is a great time to come here but are you sure you want to bring the RV.  It can start to get cold.”  We decided to risk it.  After all – the RV does have heat.

I found places to stay with the RV.  My husband booked tee times at the courses.  We booked the ferry over to the Rock.  We packed up the RV and the dogs and left!

Louisburg, Nova Scotia

We were about 20 days in total from door to door.  It was perhaps a bit rushed.  We could have stayed longer in Newfoundland in particular, but we really were late in the season.  The nights were dropping to the freezing mark, and we did not have a generator.  While we were in the RV parks with electrical service we were fine, but we knew would have some Walmart stays on the way home.  And they were a wee bit chilly.  Our last night on the road in Quebec dipped below zero.  We had no heat, slept in our down coats, and prayed the water lines would not freeze (they did not).  So staying longer was really not an option.

Please see the sections on each part of our trip for more details.

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