Dogs on the Golf Course?  Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links Says Yes!

I have heard of golf courses that allow walkers to join a foursome, usually for a fee.  But it does mean that a non-golfer can spend some time with their golfing companion, and also see a beautiful golf course.  But bring the dogs?  Never heard of that before.

On a recent trip to Cape Breton, my husband booked tees times at both Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links.  He played the Links course first, alone, and asked the starter working at the course if I could walk with him the next day when he played the more picturesque Cabot Cliffs.  He flippantly added “Now if only we didn’t have to leave the dogs behind.”  

“Bring the dogs – they can walk the course with your wife” the starter told him.

My husband was so stunned he texted me before he even teed off.  Bring the dogs?  We still couldn’t actually believe it was true.

But the next day we drove up to Cabot Cliffs Golf Course in Inverness, Nova Scotia with the dogs in tow.  My husband checked in with the starter and said “My wife and dogs are going to walk with me.”  We waited to be told we were being ridiculous….

“Great – here is the threesome you will be playing with.  There’s water dishes on the course every few holes for the dogs, so just make sure you have poopy bags with you. Have fun!”

We introduced ourselves and the dogs to the threesome my husband was paired up with, everyone teed off, and we all started walking down the first fairway with our mouths hung open.

We were really taking the dogs – and me – all for free.

Cabot Cliffs has been called the course that Pebble Beach wants to be.  Well, I haven’t seen Pebble Beach but Cabot Cliffs is STUNNING.  I didn’t play, but I know enough about golf to know that it is also a challenging course.  It has breathtaking views of the ocean which tend to distract you as you try to hit the green without landing your ball in the ocean you keep starting at.  

Truth be told, for pure golf, my husband preferred the Links course.  He is partial to a links style course, but he found it to be challenging, yet a bit more forgiving that the Cliffs course, while still having great views.

But if you are a golfer these two courses are must sees in Cape Breton. And hey – maybe bring the dogs!

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